About ProuFX

ProuFX is committed to providing the best Forex trading experience, meeting every trader's needs and requests. Maintaining a high level of trust and confidence among our clients is of utmost importance to us so we made it our main goal to earn the reputation of a trusted and preferred broker. Traders from all over the world have chosen to invest with ProuFX, which gives us the confidence that our efforts to provide a fulfilling financial service have been successful.

Our customers are given the opportunity to create and increase the value of their financial portfolio by trading via our platforms, specially designed to cover all trading requirements.

  • Online FX Trader - A browser-based extremely simple to use platform, with the main purpose to offer Forex trading just a few clicks away. It doesn't require any third-party libraries or downloads. It offers a wide variety of features which diversify your trading experience in all possible ways.

We believe that education in the field of Forex should be treated with high regards, as the nature of online trading poses risks which can be avoided with the proper knowledge. This is the main reason we have prepared a number of articles going through the sole basics of Forex Trading so that beginners can feel confident when opening their first position. Experienced investors are invited to have a talk with our financial experts and discuss advanced trading strategies.

In order to maintain a healthy partnership with our clients, we focus our attention on communication. We can be reached 24/5 via telephone, email or live chat. Our experts are always available to lend their knowledge regardless of the type of request - technical issue, need of trading advice or other. With that in mind, we strive not only to provide the needed tools for a successful trading career, but also to offer you our help in reaching your financial goals. For further information, please visit our "Contact us" page.