KYC Policy

Know Your Client Policy
ProuFX (the “Company”)

In order to be approved to open an account on (the “Website”), the Client must submit to Company the necessary documents as required by the Company.
The Client acknowledges that documents which are provided by you in foreign language must be sent with a dated translation, signed and certified by an independent person competent and authorized to approve such translation being the accurate, truthful translation of the original.
The services offered on the Website are offered only to private investors and not to corporations.

Natural Person KYC Checklist
The following documents must be provided by the User within four (4) days following User’s account activation:

1Proof of Identity
In the form of a color copy of User’s valid Passport, Driver License or ID, front and back, which indicate:
1. User’s Legal Name;
2. User’s Date of birth;
3. Document’s Expiry Date;
4. User’s Signature;
5. User’s Picture.
2Proof of individual’s permanent physical address
In the form of:
1. A copy of an original current utility bill dating not longer than three (3) months back; or
2.A copy of an original Bank or Credit card statement, tax statements or local authority tax bill or government-issued proof of address; all must be dating not longer than three (3) months back.
The provided copy must be with the following elements visible:
1. Issuer;
2. Name and address;
3. Date of issue;
3Proof of Card Ownership
The User will provide a color copy of User’s credit card, front and back.
The provided copy must be with the following elements visible:
1. Cardholder Name;
2. Expiration date;
3. Front side - last 4 digits;
4. Back Side – Signature;
For User’s security, other identifying details should be kept concealed.
4Declaration of Deposit Form
Please print, fill-out and hand sign the following form.
The document must be scanned with the following elements visible:
1. Date of deposit;
2. Exact hour (with time zone);
3. Amount and currency;
4. Last 4 digits;
5. Signature;
A declaration of deposit form must be signed by the User.
5How to Submit Documents
Please choose one of the following options:
1. Via e-mail to
2. Via our Mobile app
For any further assistance please contact our Compliance department via email, live chat or by telephone.
Failure to provide the above-mentioned documents within four (4) days following activation of User’s account will entitle the Company to terminate all User’s existing transactions and restrict future trades on User’s account.
User acknowledges that the aforementioned is not a closed list and additional documentation may be requested subject to Company’s sole discretion.