Indices are the index value of a selection of assets that are regularly traded on a specific exchange. The best known are household names. America has the Dow Jones, Standard & Poor’s 500 and the NASDAQ. The UK has the FTSE 100. Europe has the CAC, MIN and DAX. Major Asian measures include the Hang Seng and Nikkei 225. The exchange is where the stocks or assets are traded. The index is an indication of how well the assets on an exchange are doing.

One significant benefit of index compared with stock is that an index can never lose all of its value because indexes are benchmarks of the values of the most significant assets being traded on an exchange. Indexes are also usually commission-free with the provider taking profit instead on the bid-offer spread. Margin requirements too are usually low. Beginners are strongly advised to start with the very minimum amount permitted per point. Some providers keep their market open even when the benchmark index is closed, thus enabling traders to take positions in readiness for start of trading next morning.

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